Details of our upcoming games coming soon...

In the meantime you can try the levels we created for LandFormer a great, fun & addictive puzzle game from Streaming Colour Studios

We also highly recommend that you get the premium levels (which contains 50 additional levels, that include 4 levels we designed which are : Mountain in the Lake, Bracketed, Infinite Lake, Himalayas) + disco theme and support Streaming Colour Studios.

To play them, simply click the picture below on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Note: If you don't have LandFormer, get it here:

LandFormer Level Pack #1 - Lakes

Xi Lake
Iota Lake
Zeta Lake
5 Lakes
Scissor Lake
Four Lake
Division Lake
Eta Lake
Mu Lake
Eight Lake
Frog Lake
Twin Islands Lake
Fish Lake
Spinning Lake