Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mix Salad

Another hot day in Quebec... we're in the middle of a serious heatwave over here, we got over 35C on Thursday with the humidity it was more around like 47C!!! Totally crazy... so to cool us down how about eating a fresh cold mix salad!

 As I am growing my own vegetables in my garden at home, I put different type of lettuce, some roman, curly, boston and iceberg.  Once you have your lettuce ready, you put them in a large bowl and add some olive oil, white vinegar, salt, pepper and Italian seasonings.  I don't have a specific measurement as I put the olive oil + white vinegar until it just taste right ;-).

But why all those talk about mix salad? Isn't this blog about iOS devs in general? Yes, yes it's, but though this could be a good introduction to my varied topics of this week which remind me of a mix salad ;-).   And no I wasn't going to talk about the other type of Salad of the Game variety ;-)

iOS 5 vs iOS 4
It seem the history is repeating itself as I talk about a similar topic a year ago, but that time it was about iOS 2.x vs iOS 3.x.  Oh well it seems i'll have to take the same kind of decsion once more!  As some of you may know, the latest and greatest iOS will leave some poor old iDevice in the dust... yup my venerable iPod touch 2nd gen. isn't welcome anymore :-(, so is the iPhone 3G (sans le "S").  It will be greatfull if some devs could share their stats about the usage of older generation iDevices that wont make it to iOS 5 next generation.  From what I have read/seen so far about iOS 5 it look really great, especially the [REDACTED] or even the [REDACTED] and how about [REDACTED] (sorry for the censor... you know NDA stuff...).  Which would also mean i'll have to get a newer iDevice... for testing purpose of course!  As my game isn't finish yet (yes this game), which was design originally on iOS 2.x then got adjusted for iOS 3.x, should I bring it in line with iOS 4.x or simply jump to iOS 5 with it?

Lodsys & other Troll
This is the one that have been most talk recently, that you should have heard by now, unless of course you have been living under a bridge...  It has been worrying me a bit, now for the present as I don't have anything on the AppStore and my upcoming game shouldn't have any problem with those supposedly IAP patents.  But some ideas I have for another game (well the models could apply to several ideas I have), would involve some kind of IAP for in game items and maybe currency, which sadly could get the wrong type of attention :-(.  As this issue hasn't been resolve yet, and seems that even more people are getting sued these days, should I risk that kind of design/business model?  Or to simply do it, but then selecting not to sales in country where said patent are protected such as US?  Or hope for the best and that I wont get one of those letters?  Having got a C&D letter for a previous company I had founded, I know the thing can be costly quickly... at that time we had decided to call our company Moebius Technologies... well guess what, they are a certain famous French cartoon creator who is call this name, yes the Jean Giraud one.  Cost for this little adventure was almost $1000 in lawyer fee from our side (we wanted to see if we could defend our name and what was our option, ohhh and pro tip: when meeting lawyer try to be short/brief as they charge $$$/hour) and another $300 for changing our name in the end for Mythrium.

GP2X & Hardware Library
Last week-end @fcycles release as open source all the code and demo sample for his hardware library for the little GP2X handheld.  Which provide many functionality and access to hardware feature that weren't available via the standard GP2X SDK or other library that were made available before.  This library was used to prototype a few game and also was used for the development of our demo Pure release last month at [@]party.  I can say one thing @fcycles spent countless hours to develop this great library, so if you are a GP2X dev. you should definitely give it a try.  *Sigh* I just wish Apple would let him use his skill to do the same for the iDevices so we could go where no man has gone before... alas if we do that, no AppStore for us and might get even threatening letter from Apple for publishing secret stuff.

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