Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mix Salad

Another hot day in Quebec... we're in the middle of a serious heatwave over here, we got over 35C on Thursday with the humidity it was more around like 47C!!! Totally crazy... so to cool us down how about eating a fresh cold mix salad!

 As I am growing my own vegetables in my garden at home, I put different type of lettuce, some roman, curly, boston and iceberg.  Once you have your lettuce ready, you put them in a large bowl and add some olive oil, white vinegar, salt, pepper and Italian seasonings.  I don't have a specific measurement as I put the olive oil + white vinegar until it just taste right ;-).

But why all those talk about mix salad? Isn't this blog about iOS devs in general? Yes, yes it's, but though this could be a good introduction to my varied topics of this week which remind me of a mix salad ;-).   And no I wasn't going to talk about the other type of Salad of the Game variety ;-)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Object Oriented Design And Game Development

In this week blog I will tackle a more programming/design topics which have been in the back of my head and that I wanted to share with the rest of you.  Especially as it involve the actual design in code of Mythlound (yes my elusive game ;-p) in a kind of Object Oriented way, well this is how I see it ;-).  But how does Object Oriented Design get mix up in Game Development?  Well if you think about it, in a game they are several thing that you interact with, it could be your own character/player, the enemies, background, projectiles, etc...  As seen in the following diagram for a maze game, several object has been defined that regroup thing that are related together.

So how did I came up with the design of the different objects required in Mythlound?  Let's find out!