Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quebarium Does @party 2011!

Yes the entire Quebarium composed of myself (@frederictessier), @fcycles and @tronicsynth are going to be present at this year @party one of the few remaining demoscene party in North America on 17th - 19th.  Which btw is still open for registration until the 16th, so don't hesitate to register/come to see what the demoscene is all about, even more so if you already part of the scene ;-).

And what are we going to do there?  Well present a demo of course ;-), though this time it will presented in the not so regular category.  Since the hardware that is going to be use to run it isn't part of the standard one and not old enough to be in the retro/old shool compo it will be submit as a wild demos.  So what exactly is a wild demo?
Well it can be anything that can be use as an hardware to run some kind of demo stuff on it ;-).  Some good example are the followings :

And no we didn't go to that extreme and build our own hardware ;-), just let say our hardware is a pocket device running some variant of Linux.  @fcycles spent countless hours to build a library to be able to access the different part of the hardware to get most of the performance of the device and even do things that aren't expose in any official SDK for that device ;-).

I really wish I could give more information about our entry but as we're nearing the deadline (well it need to be finish before the compo on next Saturday) we wouldn't want to give the punch of our entry just yet.  It's part of a competition after all ;-), but I can say it was design/coded entirely by @fcycles
 (he has been working quite hard to get it where it's now), @tronicsynth has been working on the musical aspects and me on some of the graphics elements.

I hope i'll be able to do some live tweeting/blogging of the events as it goes along, will see how the internet connection is over there.  And of course as soon as we release our demos we will share it online, as it will definitely going to be sent on pouet and probably also going to post a video on YouTube of it as not everyone will have our particular device ;-).

My next iDevBlogADay  should be back to more regular topics about game dev. and hopefully about Mythlound but in the mean time do demo not war ;-) and have fun demoing!  Don't forget that you can still come/register to join us @party.  And I will leave you with the video of the @party invitation-tro.

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