Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celebrating 1 Year Of Web Presence

By looking thru the different topics/posts that was put on this blog/site I noticed that the first one was publish a year ago (minus 1 day) which was titled "The beginning of the awakening!" (an introduction of our self).  A lot of thing have happen since that first blog post 1 year ago and we covered a large variety of topics on this blog.  Oh and more thing is coming for the rest of this year to talk about ;-).

I think it could be interesting to see what topics we have covered and what happen since then, so where should we begin?

Maybe I should mention the thing that happen to us recently that wasn't even mentioned on this blog yet (I should before I forgot about it ;-)).  As you may know last week-end was the  @party demoscene party that was held in Harvard, MA and like we mention in our "Quebarium Does @party 2011!" we went there to present our production called "Pure" which was submited for the wild demo compo.  How did it fare?  Quite well actually, we finish 2nd and not too far from the 1st entry that was a demo running on a BlackBerry which was titled "Berry Nice!".  Now that our production has been release and is also available on here is what was shown on the projector screen ;-), this is running on the GP2X in maximum SD NTSC resolution.

At least this production has been actually release unlike my current game Mythlound ;-p, yes the game that I mention in so many blog posts ;-), is still coming along although slower then I would like.  Most of it is due to what I elegantly explained in my "proscratination" post ;-) (and now I have a new excuse this time around... Netflix, why did I installed this on my PS3... *sigh*).

As for my software toolbox/web toolbox I didn't add much tools to them, still mostly using Inkscape and Gimp for all my graphics needs, though now I am trying to figure out what will be the best way to generate special/fx particle to add into Mythlound I saw a few thing, but was looking for something that could integrate in my current framework which is basically just straight UIKit.

You might remember also my lengthy post about if I should go live in the past or living on the edge.  Well I had to admit that after a while I decided to live on the edge and installed the latest and greatest iOS version on my iPod touch.  But something terrible happen not too long ago with the release of iOS 4.3.x, my venerable iPod touch 2nd gen. has been left in the dust :-(.   So even though I was willing to continue this path on the edge, Apple has decided otherwise for me, so I am definitely lock in the past.  Now I am trying to decide which will be my next device, should I go for a 4th gen. iPod touch or get an iPad (I don't own an iPad yet).

In the mean time I also started to explore other platforms as alternative to just do iOS development, well I also like more traditional input method with a joystick/pad ;-).  Also investigating if they are some cross platforms framework that I could use which would allow me to target more than one platform at a time and maximize my productivity (especially knowing I still do this time and have a weakness/tendency to procastinate).  Hopefully this could align and allow me to put in practice our ideas of doing rapid prototyping and doing all kind of prototypes in different ways.

I think this cover the most important thing that happen since our first appearance on the web last summer and if you're interested to know more about other topics I suggest you to browse the other iDevBlogADay topics or simply check the archive.

See you around in 2 week!

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  1. Thank you Frederic (aka Intruder) for this post! I know I was not active on twitter or facebook. Too much busy working on our demo for @party. It's also fun to read about all the other stuff that happen on your side! ;)