Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celebrating 1 Year Of Web Presence

By looking thru the different topics/posts that was put on this blog/site I noticed that the first one was publish a year ago (minus 1 day) which was titled "The beginning of the awakening!" (an introduction of our self).  A lot of thing have happen since that first blog post 1 year ago and we covered a large variety of topics on this blog.  Oh and more thing is coming for the rest of this year to talk about ;-).

I think it could be interesting to see what topics we have covered and what happen since then, so where should we begin?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quebarium Does @party 2011!

Yes the entire Quebarium composed of myself (@frederictessier), @fcycles and @tronicsynth are going to be present at this year @party one of the few remaining demoscene party in North America on 17th - 19th.  Which btw is still open for registration until the 16th, so don't hesitate to register/come to see what the demoscene is all about, even more so if you already part of the scene ;-).

And what are we going to do there?  Well present a demo of course ;-), though this time it will presented in the not so regular category.  Since the hardware that is going to be use to run it isn't part of the standard one and not old enough to be in the retro/old shool compo it will be submit as a wild demos.  So what exactly is a wild demo?