Saturday, May 28, 2011

iDevelopment vs The Alternatives

Today is the day once again to be my turn for #iDevBlogADay (the new schedule is on each 2 Saturday, so next week they wont be one and it will be the week after).  They have been a topic that I would like to openly discuss and show you what the Quebarium crew has been up to beside working on Mythlound but I can't for now...  Well one the reasons is that we're working on a demo that will be part of the competition for the upcoming @party one of the few remaining demoscene party in North America on 17th - 19th.

So this week topics will cover something that I wanted to talk for a while which is "The Alternatives" of iDevelopment.  Yes they are other interesting platforms out there for fellow indie game dev. that want to try something different the do iOS development in Objective-C.  So one of the first alternative that could come to my mind is Mac development especially with the recently opened Mac AppStore and that to convert an app from iOS to Mac is relatively easy (Objective-C, similar API, etc...).  Nope not this one, then you might think the arch-nemesis of iOS which is Android right?  No wrong again... then what it is then?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Remote iDevelopment

Well it's has been a while since my last #iDevBlogADay my last one called Retro 2010 was done on 25th of December 2010 when I decided to leave my spot and give a chance to new bloggers to join. Now #iDevBlogADay is bigger then ever and @mysterycoconut had to come up with a new scheme to be able to let more people join in and share the blogging days.  So now each person blog every 2 weeks and another set of people blog on the alternative weeks, ohhh they are also a new website to see them all :

But today topic is not about this, and no I am not going to talk about Mythlound either (not much to report on this right now, but hopefully soon I will).  But about how to do remote iDevelopment or more specifically how to use your Mac without a monitor...  Why that you ask?  Well shortly in the beginning of the new year my main LCD connected to my Mac Mini a Samsung 22" (SyncMaster 225BW) went into a coma... well it's not fully dead but the back light have issue (I would need to replace capacitor to have it working again).