Saturday, December 25, 2010

Retro 2010

It's now that time of the year to do a retrospective/review of the year that just passed.  But before we delve into this topic I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone and their families Happy Holidays!  I also have a special announcement... this will be the last official #iDevBlogADay post... yes now is the time to pass the torch to someone else (according to the waiting list that lucky person should be @bob_at_bh ;-)) or as we say here in Québec : "pass the puck".

Now lets get started for one last time in 2010 (and before I fall asleep, I currently have a huge headache :-( and no I didn't drink too much just 1 Mort Subite but ate a lot oops...).


This is one of the major point of this year, I've been participating in this since the 26th of June (it has been 6 month already, wow!).  But this whole thing wouldn't have come together if it wasn't for @mysterycoconut putting this together and set up a nice web site, but we shouldn't forgot that it was also due to @chrismwaite that this ideas sparked into existence ;-).  The past 6 month has been quite a ride, as I had to come up with a blog post for every Saturday (this was the allocated spot I had), anyone that wasn't respecting that simple rules (post on their allocated spot) we're getting the axe!  They were a few times I was going to miss it, but always manage to survive until now (me and @markusn were the 2 survivors from the original cast).  During those 6 month of doing my weekly iDevBlogAday I have covered the following topics : 360iDev, Books, DemoScene, Design, development, Document, Event, Game, GameJam, Inkscape, Mythlound, prototyping, Retro, software.  I would also like to thanks everyone that have reads, comments and RT about my blog post.  Looking forward to see what the rest of you in waiting list are going to talk about, while I go back at the end of the waiting list and wait for my next turn ;-).

Mythlound : Maurlack Tower

At the begining of the year I had planned to have iQBR1 which is known now as Mythlound : Maurlack Tower to be completed by fall or at the latest before Christmas.  Well as you can see it didn't happen, some reasons are due of being a part time indie, but its more due to procrastination on my side :-( (always getting some interesting distraction).  But still I am happy on the work that was done this year on the graphics and coding front by me and on the audio front by @tronicsynth.   During the holiday vacation I will try to schedule the remaining work into sub-tasks with a firmer deadline and see how it goes.  Definitely removing procrastination as much as possible in the year 2011 is my new  year resolution.  I will continue to blog about the progress of Mythlound : Maurlack Tower here so watch this place carefully.  And also like I mentioned before if you would like to give a helping hand, I am still on the look out for beta tester so send email to or if you're interested in getting some sneak peak contents that you can wrote about it in your blog/news site (as in early build, graphics, music, etc...) don't hesitate to reach us via info  On that note I will leave you with another concept art for Mythlound : Maurlack Tower of the infamous Maurlack himself (bonus point for whoever find out who modeled for Maurlack ;-)).

Farewell and thanks for all the fish ;-).

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