Saturday, December 11, 2010

Motivation & Inspiration

I've been wanting to write this blog post since a long time ago, as I wanted to share what motivate and inspire me to do indie game development (I will also be curious to know what motivate you and inspire you).  The photo above is already a source of motivation and inspiration of me as this book has been signed with encouraging word by 3 fellow indie developer which wrote the following :

@noel_llopis of Snappytouch (thank you so much for the book) : "To Frédéric, Good luck finishing your first iPhone project".

@owengoss of Streaming Colour Studios : "Frédéric, Best of luck with your game development adventures!".

Paul Pridham of @madgarden : "Nice to meet you finally!  Can't wait to see what cool stuff you have in store for us!  Good luck, and best wishes".

And all of the developers above are an even greater source of inspiration them self as they all went to become full time indie developer and are living their dreams (I am wishing them best of luck and success in their adventures).  Even though I didn't take that step as I am still only a part time indie developer I still think its important to have some source of motivation and inspiration to continue to push onward my own projects.

Indie Developer Community

Let first say that all other fellow indie developer whether you are part time or full time that I've been following on Twitter or read your blogs you're all some source of inspiration and motivation.  When I read about the advancement of your project, struggling to get notice on the AppStore or finally getting huge success that is well deserved, it let me feel the joy & fun of what indie game development can be all about.  I know the road for indie game development is not an easy road, but I think it's fill with interesting adventures ;-).  And I found that the community, well especially on iOS to be very friendly, even though we're in business and we should consider others as competitors we're still helping each other in different ways (could be in sharing knowledge, cross promoting, spreading the words, etc...).  For me this is a great source of motivation to see a lot of helping hands around.


If you have a dream follow it, chase it once said RJ Mical when talking about the life with the original Amiga team and we should too!  Each time I hear those words I find myself being fill with a strong motivation and getting inspired to continue to work on that dream.  Don't fear to have a dream or even many dreams, as this will give you a goal that you will want to reach in the end, which in turn will motivate you to continue to work hard to reach it.  Maybe some of them will be harder and take longer to reach, but remember everything is possible if you put your heart to it.  In everything you do, do it with a passion and never give up on that dream.  I have watch countless time the videos for the History of the Commodore Amiga which show very well how passionate were the Amiga team about their work and the different dreams they were chasing (if you haven't seen it I highly recommend to see the whole series of videos) which I found to great source of motivation and inspiration for me. 


Sometime you will have some clear vision of what you want to achieve with your project, you can see all the line of code, the shape of the design, you can feel it.  Work toward it and try to stay true to your vision you have in mind.  After having being inspired and motivated while looking at the work of others this will often germinate some new ideas, it could be the improvement of someone else ideas/concept by adding your own perspective on the matter.  Or a totally new revolutionary idea that came after that eureka moment.  Those ideas will then be shape into a vision, which you should noted down somewhere so as not forget about it.  I found that working toward completing the vision I have in my head to be a big motivating factor to realize it.  I can see why sometimes we say entrepreneur are visionary that follow their visions and it's often this that will make then thrive and be successful.  If you have that vision in your head about your product/project you will be more motivated to realize it and to make it a success, we can see this clearly with Steve Jobs that follow his vision.

The Entrepreneurs (from all about Steve)

While I was looking for some materials to included in today blog post I also found this very interesting video that explains some of the factors that motivate us to reach a goal.  And after watching it, I found this is quite true for me and I am sure it probably for a lot of people too.

And I will leave this week with the simple sentence to motivate you : You Can Do It! ;-)

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