Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dim Sum

Today I will serve you with different dishes which included beef balls, rice noodle, stuffed peppers, shrimp won ton, ...

Wait a minute you're probably saying, why does this blog is once again talking about foods? Well I like this kind of meals ;-).  But seriously due to the different topics I want to cover this week a bit like I did in my Chop Suey posts, I am using this name.  For people who doesn't know what Dim Sum mean it's a typical Chinese way to serve several small dishes which is very popular in the south of China.

So now let start with our first dishes.

Foulab Mini-Demo Party

Last week-end the @quebarium crew was attending the first foulab mini-demo party where we had from 10:00 to 19:00 to come with a demo based on the theme "Cheese".   It was the first time in a long time that we work all together in a so short deadline, so before the party we decided to split the tasks to be done in 3 areas : code (@fcycles), graphics (@frederictessier), music (@tronicsynth).  Which help us a lot to meet the deadline... barely (well debugging and coming with inspiration in short time is not so easy).  This was definitely a good experience to practice our skills in working in team and learn that we should be bit more prepared with our tools (template, samples, etc...).  And hey our production did finish 2nd after all and is now available on pouet ;-).  You can go get it now for gp2x and Windows here!  Also we're running a little contest, the 2 first people that take a picture of the easter egg (to get a hint check the output on a serial port) in the demo on a PAL/NTSC TV will receive a postcard with an exclusive announcement from us ;-).  If you want to see photos and a more detailed recap of this event you can go read our last week blog post.


As I have been using Inkscape almost exclusively for the graphics in Mythlound I've found a few more interesting tips that I would like to share.  The first one is being quite important as it solve a major bugs that is currently happening under OSX.  If you have been trying to copy one object and wanted to paste it elsewhere in your document and/or into a new document you might have notice it get pasted in bitmap instead of vector format.  This was really horrible for me as if I wanted to use the same object over and over I had to most of the time recreate a new one from scratch (at least the duplicate function was working but it's also a bit different in the way it handle object).  So how do you solve this problem? Well you need to go in the X11 config pannel and make sure you change the pasteboard prefrences to the following : Unchek the "Update Pasteboard when CLIPBOARD changes".  Now when you copy/paste you retain the object in vector format no more silly bitmap copy.

The second tips is how to add templates to Inkscape, it already has a few by default but nothing specific for example for iOS resolutions.  If you already have some files you created in SVG format you would like to use as template to create new files you can put them in the ~/.config/inkscape/templates.  Btw by default on OSX those folder are hidden in the finder so if you want to see them you have to do the following commands : defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE and then simply re-launch the finder (you can do this by typing the commands : killall Finder).  The second ways is after creating your template inside Inkscape to save it directly in the templates directory (if you use Save As you will see in the file dialog the folder templates).


Still working on the graphics (I really love to do this but I am realizing it's more work than I first estimated).  If you have check the #ScreenshotSaturday and #MockupMonday you might have seen my latest advancement into Mythlound graphics.  Sadly this means I haven't yet went back to coding, but that doesn't mean I wont need testers soon, so if you are interested submit your resume to or if you're interested in getting some sneak peak contents that you can wrote about it in your blog/news site (as in early build, graphics, music) don't hesitate to reach us via info

Indie Game Winter Uprising

Finally the winter uprising on Xbox Live Indie Game has begun this week!  Already 4 games made it to the marketplace : Ubergridder (a kind of game like qix), Hypership Out of Control (fast pace action shmup), Break Limit (also a fast pace action shmup which was inspired by Hypership Out of Control) & Epic Dungeon (an epic rogue style game ;-)).  My favorite so far are Hypership Out of Control, Break Limit and Epic Dungeon.  Looking forward to see the rest in the coming days/weeks.  You should also definitely check the following trailers to see the different games that are part of this indie promotion and go encourage them.

#ScreenshotSaturday & #MockupMonday

It started a few week ago on Twitter where some people said we should post a screenshot of our current work in progress for our games and adding the hashtag #ScreenshotSaturday.  It didn't take long before a lot of people join in on the fun (I hope to see many more iOS developer to jump on the bandwagon too as most of the people posting screenshot are for PC game).  Even a developer decided to build up a site where everyone could go see a gallery of  the different screenshot posted on Twitter for the week.  So how can you participate? Well simply post a screenshot (can be on Twitpic, yfrog, your own web site, etc...) and add the #ScreenshotSaturday and there you go.  And then came #MockupMonday which was started by another developer, it didn't gain as much steam yet and you can see a small gallery here.

Hope you enjoy this week many small dishes and feel free to leave your comments!

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