Saturday, December 25, 2010

Retro 2010

It's now that time of the year to do a retrospective/review of the year that just passed.  But before we delve into this topic I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone and their families Happy Holidays!  I also have a special announcement... this will be the last official #iDevBlogADay post... yes now is the time to pass the torch to someone else (according to the waiting list that lucky person should be @bob_at_bh ;-)) or as we say here in Québec : "pass the puck".

Now lets get started for one last time in 2010 (and before I fall asleep, I currently have a huge headache :-( and no I didn't drink too much just 1 Mort Subite but ate a lot oops...).

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Continue talking, procrastinate. Postmortem of how I didn't finish a game in more than a year

It has been quite a busy week for me, had an Xmas party yesterday, celebrated my parent 40th wedding anniversary, start the Xmas shopping (I know I am kinda late).  But I did read the blog from @karnakgames that has hit me hard as he was talking about "Stop talking, start doing. Postmorten of how I made 2 games in 10 days".  And then if this wasn't enough I got the dread 30 days notice from Apple iTunes Connect team as seen above this morning in my mail box... ooops!!!

Well which has lead to come out of the closet and speak out...

Yes I tend to talk too much and do less :-( (and as we say in French : "Gros parleur, petit faiseur"), which one of the many reasons that has lead me outside of the path to finish my first game Mythlound : Maurlack Tower.  So without further talking here is the majors reasons that cause me trouble.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Motivation & Inspiration

I've been wanting to write this blog post since a long time ago, as I wanted to share what motivate and inspire me to do indie game development (I will also be curious to know what motivate you and inspire you).  The photo above is already a source of motivation and inspiration of me as this book has been signed with encouraging word by 3 fellow indie developer which wrote the following :

@noel_llopis of Snappytouch (thank you so much for the book) : "To Frédéric, Good luck finishing your first iPhone project".

@owengoss of Streaming Colour Studios : "Frédéric, Best of luck with your game development adventures!".

Paul Pridham of @madgarden : "Nice to meet you finally!  Can't wait to see what cool stuff you have in store for us!  Good luck, and best wishes".

And all of the developers above are an even greater source of inspiration them self as they all went to become full time indie developer and are living their dreams (I am wishing them best of luck and success in their adventures).  Even though I didn't take that step as I am still only a part time indie developer I still think its important to have some source of motivation and inspiration to continue to push onward my own projects.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dim Sum

Today I will serve you with different dishes which included beef balls, rice noodle, stuffed peppers, shrimp won ton, ...

Wait a minute you're probably saying, why does this blog is once again talking about foods? Well I like this kind of meals ;-).  But seriously due to the different topics I want to cover this week a bit like I did in my Chop Suey posts, I am using this name.  For people who doesn't know what Dim Sum mean it's a typical Chinese way to serve several small dishes which is very popular in the south of China.

So now let start with our first dishes.