Saturday, November 27, 2010

LIVE from @foulab Mini-Demo Party

Today blog will be quite special as the @quebarium crew will be blogging LIVE from foulab Mini-Demo party.  So what it's all about?  Well here is the official information from the announcement.

Minidemo: A place for Montréal sceners to reconnect, and folks new to the demoscene to discover it.

27th November '10 – 28th November '10.

Site will open at 10:00 on the 27th, and close at 1am on the 28th. Deadline for fast compo entries will be 7pm. Demoshow will start at 19:00, compo entries will be shown at 21:00. Voting will start at 23:00. 40 people can attend during the day (until 7pm). For the demoshow we’ll let in whoever wants to see it (max 100).

At foulab, Suite 33B, 999 du Collège, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4C 2S3

All tools allowed some hardware are available onsite. Projector is a Viewsonic PJD6241.

Compo rules will be to follow the theme (announced at 10:00 on the 27th); as long as what you produce runs in realtime, any libraries are allowed.

Let the show begin and be sure to check here often for update!

8:45 AM

Everything is pack and I am on my way to foulab in the middle of the snow.

9:45 AM

Arrived at the foulab place, unpack everything and met with @fcycles and @tronicsynth

10:55 AM

Well we're still waiting for the official theme... hmmm already 1h lost, that gonna be more challenging to get something done before 19h this evening ;-).

11:02 AM

Finally the theme for the mini demo party is officialy announced!!!

CHEESE (preferably the drippy melted kind)

Yes this is the theme, LOL! this gonna be fun ;-).

12:45 PM

Having a little lunch to sustain our body while we work on our cheesy project ;-)

13:00 PM

We're in a hacker space, so what do we do if we can't connect a computer to an old TV to display demo/vide, well we improvise...

13:15 PM

Several people have join in the fun at foulab curious to see what people will present later on this evening.

16:00 PM

Some progress are being done on all fronts, music, graphics and code!

Currently @tronicsynth is composing a song inside MODplug (it need to be a IT module format).

The graphics are being done by me (@frederictessier) inside Inkscape with GIMP for final adjustment, currently did several sprites prototype.  Need to work on a background image + logo too.

And @fcycles got a sprite routine working displaying 16 sprites with different position and size, yeah oldschool stuff FTW ;-p.  Its currently being tested on an emulator on the PC as the real hardware it will run in the GP2X.

18:50 PM

Wooooahhhh only 10 minutes left, this is getting crazy!!! Graphics are done, but aren't the best (not enough time to polish them more), we only 1 part with 1 effect and OMG we still didn't try yet the music in it (crossing fingers that it gonna play).

19:25 PM

We're kinds cheating... Shhhhh!!! We're debugging a few display bugs on the video out... crunching the samples for the IT/MOD as the file is a bit big.

20:00 PM

More people arrived and are now watching demos on the 2 projection screen.  Pizza arrived too!

20:45 PM

Fine tuning the timing of the the timing for the end of the demo so it end with the music fading out, which is going to be presented in about 15 minutes.

21:15 PM

We presented our little production Triple Cheese on the big screen.

21:30 PM

Wooohooo we ended up in 2nd place out of 4 ;-), we did made people have a good laugh!  And since the first entry participant wasn't there to claim his prizes we ate it ;-p.  OREO FTW!!!

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