Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mythlound : Maurlack Tower (part II)

In last week blog (Mythlound : Maurlack Tower (part I)) we reveal some of the core mechanic for the game play, which consist of memorizing different stone tile contents so you can them make a matching pair.  And then a second part where you have to move those stone tile as to place them in strategical place to either help you remember what was their content or to get bonus point.  Of course you all to do this while taking care of not blocking the magical archway, if not you will suffer a terrible death in Maurlack tower.

But they are still more that will be discuss further in today blog.  As you can see above they are a crystal ball (and no this is not a Palantír) which is one of the magical element that will be found in Mythlound : Maurlack Tower that will help you in your quest to defeat the infamous Maurlack (note : the above crystal ball was done entirely in Inkscape and fully scalable... did I say I love Inkscape?).

And before you can use those powerful magical item you will to need to first learn some of the basic element of alchemy.


They are many elements in alchemy that can be use for different purpose using alchemical process.  The first elements you learn while in the alchemy academy in Rashtafia were the following :



    You then learn the basics metals (also known as planetary metals) and those are the one that will be found in Maurlack tower, so memorize them well as your life will depend on it.  Those metals are the following :








    Once you find one of those elements under the stone tile, you will need to find another matching elements to be able to transmute them together.  As always, be careful when turning those stone tile as some of them have been trap by Maurlack with magical bomb.


    As you are getting use to transmute elements together and that Maurlack is increasing its speed to send more stone tile to you (even some of them treacherous) you will need some help of magic.  They will be 3 magical elements that you will be able to find which are :
    • Crystal ball : Which will let you reveal what is hiding on the other side of each stone tile on the game board.  Which will be quite useful to get an idea of where some of elements you're looking for are located and also if some of those stone tile contain a bomb.
    • Jester : This will let you select any stone to be combine together, so that you can transmute their elements.  When you're in need of clearing some space quickly this can be very powerful.
    • Divine intervention : The most powerful of the 3 as it will let you select a stone where you want the god to intervene in your favor which will then clear up all stone touching the point of impact (in a + shape pattern like the bomb that Maurlack is sending you).
    Due to their powerful nature those magical elements will be harder to find and as the metals elements you will need to transmute 2 of the same magical elements to gain them.  Also you will be limited in the number of the magical elements you can keep (currently under evaluation to balance the game properly).
    Stay tune for the upcoming weeks as more information/secrets are going to be reveal on this blog.  (this wont be the last time you hear from Mythlound or Maurlack ;-)).

    In the mean time I leave you with another concept art of Maurlack.

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    1. That is some sweet concept art!

    2. @lordbron

      Thanks, and another concept art is going to be reveal next week ;-). You can also see the previous concept art in the "iQBR1 revealed" blog post.