Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mythlound : Maurlack Tower (part I)

In last week blog (iQBR revealed!) we officially announced the name of our upcoming iPhone game which is titled Mythlound : Maurlack Tower and gave you a small glimpse of this universe.  Oh and forgot to mention that last week picture "Maurlack Tower" was some concept art done in 2008 inspired by the story/universe of Mythlound, and its the third image in a series of three images I did to reveal important events with Maurlack.

Now today I am going to reveal a bit more about the actual game built around this story of the infamous Maurlack in his tower, doing some forbidden research in his labs...  As a first hint, you can see the above stone tile that is going to be one of the central piece in the game, but beware they are more than meet the eyes... (note : the above stone tile was done entirely in Inkscape and fully scalable)


After having cross the little road along the hill surrounding Maurlack Tower you finally reach your destination.  But Maurlack was already aware that you will come and he won't let you stop his reasearch.  As you enter Maurlack tower main chamber you're being warned that you will need to move the stone tile that he's sending your way before they collide in the magical archway.  If you don't well, the only thing I can say is that terrible thing will happen to you...  
But they are a way to survive this, by using your alchemy skill you can make those stone tile disappear by combining 2 of the same elements together that are hidden under each stone.  Each pair of the stone tile that you transmute together will give you a certain amount of point, if you combine 2 that are side by side (left/right or up/down) you will get extra bonus point.  Each time a pair of stone tile disappear from the room, stone tile above the one that just disappeared will slide down until they collide with another stone tile (don't worry you won't get any harm).

Also you have some special elements which you can use to help you in your quest, they are the "Crystal ball", "Jester", "Divine Intervention".  But beware that Maurlack has also some other mean to make you fail in your quest... if you turn one stone tile that have the "Bomb" then all stone tile surrounding the point of impact will also explode (which mean you wont be able to turn them anymore or move them).

You will be game over once another stone tile collide with the one that is blocking the magical archway entrance of a new stone tile on the top.  If not you have to get as much point as you can and get more elements which will eventually let you combine them together to form the philosopher stone...

But why do we have to form the philosopher stone, aren't we suppose to stop Maurlack of doing so?  And what does the "Crystal ball", "Jester", "Divine Intervention" do that can help us in our quest?  Well for that you will stay to read my next blog entry next week to find out ;-)  (I can't reveal all the secrets all at once, where the fun in that?).

And I leave you with another teaser of materials to be revealed soon...

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