Sunday, September 19, 2010

iQBR1 revealed!

The time has come to finally lift the veil of secrecy on our first iPhone game (release date is still TBD, but we are aiming before the end of 2010), yes I know it has been a long time in the making and still is (well at least its better than Duke Nukem Forever ;-p), but we are getting nearer the final goal now.  For people that have been following me (@frederictessier) or us (@quebarium) on Twitter know that I mentioned a few times about a certain project called iQBR1 (which stand for 1st Quebarium project on iDevices) as a puzzle game.  Even a few of you had the opportunity to see an early prototype (a few alphas that went out) and provide very valuable feedback which will go inside the next iteration that's coming soon.

So without further ado, here is the official name that was chosen for it...
Mythlound : Maurlack Tower

You might wonder why Mythlound and Maurlack Tower, well this is a long story that goes back from as far as the late 90' early 2000 when I was running a D&D campaign and had created my own setting.  I started to wrote some element of my universe (which I still have with huge maps), then in 2008 while looking for a game to make for another platform (Xbox Live Indie Games) I though it would be great if I could integrate that universe I had created.

Here is a little glimpse of that universe (stay tune to learn more about it in the following weeks/months).


Mythlound the mystical continent that is often the talk in myth & legends by the bard thru all Gaealius (you are from this continent which is located at around 2700 miles from Mythlound). Only a few islands have settlement on them, the mainland of the continent is still unexplored (they were several attempt but no one has ever come back from their exploration).

The regroupment of settler on the different island has form a country call Neolound. They are several dispute between the people of Neolound and several country of Gaealius . Everyone would like to control the archipelago. It's currently govern by Zoülrich the fifth.

The first island to be discovered was Noulauck by Hyoulon 35 years ago, this is also where we can find the oldest settlement of the Neolound. Then 10 years ago mark the arrival of Maurlack the great mage alchemist of Rashtafia who begin his research about Mythlound and all its mysteries. But now it has been a year that they have been no news from him and strange thing have started to happen around Maurlack labs (people disappearing, dead vegetations, etc...).

You are one of the apprentice of the alchemy academia from Rashtafia and you have been summoned by the great council of the six. They are telling you that you will be sent to the Neolound continent and more precisely on Noulauck island to investigate the report of Maurlack that is trying to recreate the philosopher stone. You must stop him before it's too late!

And what this game will be about, well for that you will stay to read my next blog entry next week to find out ;-)  (I can't reveal all the secrets all at once, where the fun in that?).

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