Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mythlound : Maurlack Tower (part I)

In last week blog (iQBR revealed!) we officially announced the name of our upcoming iPhone game which is titled Mythlound : Maurlack Tower and gave you a small glimpse of this universe.  Oh and forgot to mention that last week picture "Maurlack Tower" was some concept art done in 2008 inspired by the story/universe of Mythlound, and its the third image in a series of three images I did to reveal important events with Maurlack.

Now today I am going to reveal a bit more about the actual game built around this story of the infamous Maurlack in his tower, doing some forbidden research in his labs...  As a first hint, you can see the above stone tile that is going to be one of the central piece in the game, but beware they are more than meet the eyes... (note : the above stone tile was done entirely in Inkscape and fully scalable)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

iQBR1 revealed!

The time has come to finally lift the veil of secrecy on our first iPhone game (release date is still TBD, but we are aiming before the end of 2010), yes I know it has been a long time in the making and still is (well at least its better than Duke Nukem Forever ;-p), but we are getting nearer the final goal now.  For people that have been following me (@frederictessier) or us (@quebarium) on Twitter know that I mentioned a few times about a certain project called iQBR1 (which stand for 1st Quebarium project on iDevices) as a puzzle game.  Even a few of you had the opportunity to see an early prototype (a few alphas that went out) and provide very valuable feedback which will go inside the next iteration that's coming soon.

So without further ado, here is the official name that was chosen for it...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Indie Web Toolbox

Yes another toolbox, but this time it's not software but more about web site/service/hosting that could be quite handy for an indie devs.  I was reminded to talk about it after reading this week @snappytouch excellent article about Google App Engine (definitely worth to read if you're looking into setting up some web service for your apps).  In my previous article "The Indie Software Toolbox" we took a look at many software tools that could let you different jobs, whether its to make some graphics, audio or business work.  But they are also another set of tools that you should add to your tool belt and those are the one that I call web tools.  Those tools could let you store files/documents and share them with your team members, it cool be a bug tracking tools, an email service to deal with all your technical support, etc...

And as previously mentioned In my previous article "The Indie Software Toolbox" I tried to find the right tools for the jobs and the one that could be easily afforded by shoe string budget (if its free its even better).  So now let see what that Indie Web Toolbox could contain (those are my recommendation, feel free to give your suggestions in the comment section).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Scalable Graphics

This week has been quite busy in the iDev world as on September 1st Apple held its yearly musical event where it presented the renewed iPod line.  And as expected by many the iTouch... I mean the iPod touch have been upgraded to the latest retina display, the same that can be found in the iPhone 4 released at the beginning of the summer.  What does it mean for us iDeveloper? Well yet again another screen resolution to support, as if you still want to support previous generation of iDevices (iPod touch 2nd/3rd gen, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS) and the newly iPad which are of different screen resolution then the iDevices using the newer retina display.

Let make a little recap in a small table of the different screen resolution we have so far.


Screen Resolution

iPod touch (2nd/3rd gen)
320x480 (@ 163 ppi)
iPhone (3G/3GS)
320x480 (@ 163 ppi)
1024x768 (@ 132 ppi)
iPhone 4
960x640 (@ 326 ppi)
iPod touch (4th gen)
960x640 (@ 326 ppi)

As you can see above this is 3 different screen resolution to support if you decide to support iDevices that will run iOS 4.x.  So unless you make a decision to support only the iPad or the new retina display, this is 3 set of graphics assets to generate.  Here is the few option that is available to you to deal with this situation :