Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quebarium Meeting - Retro Day!

Today we had another meeting with the Quebarium crew with the usual suspect (@tronicsynth (left),   @frederictessier (right) @fcycles (back)).  It seems we really had a "retro" theme this time, as I decided to wear my C= Amiga t-shirt and @tronicsynth had brought his C=64 DTV. It seems we were all sets to spend our entire day with "retro" thing, well we almost did ;-p.

But before we tackle with this "retro" fun stuff we needed to pass through the many topics that we had in our agenda today.  Our first topics was a little wrap up of what have happen in our world recently (projects, web site, etc...).  The biggest news was that we had pledge for the @party: Keep the demoscene spirit alive in North America! and that it was a success (with the increase of our pledge the project was going to be fully funded).  Since we're all demo scene followers we though it will be a great opportunity to support what we love and that we might even have the chance to go (the event will be held in Boston in June 2011 which isn't too far from Montréal).  Even though it still a year away we had some quite long discussion about what kind of demo we could do.

Next topic was about our business card, we should also had discussion about the test t-shirt we ordered from Wordans & Printfection as mention earlier on Twitter, but sadly the shipment haven't arrived yet (technically we should had received @fcycles order, but due to delivery problem it didn't work out).  So here is how our first business card design turn out that @tronicsynth had printed on his colour laser printer (I was suppose to also produce a set on my photo printer to compare, but was missing some inks and the right paper) :

Well it would seem that its going back to the drawing board as weren't quite satisfy with how the design turn out.  The focus is too much on the photo while it should be more on the Québarium logo, so we need to reduce the photo size, change the position of the logo and also increase the size of the text as we found it was also hard to read.  More experiment ahead for this little projects, we also need to take a look at professional printing place too.  But now we're trying to see if we can DIY with our current printing hardware and have something decent.

Also for our meeting I had brought some books just in case people start to feel bored or loose interest... they want to add more "retro" into our different discussions ;-).

Bonus points to anyone that can tell me what are the 2 chips that can be seen on those books.

As for the rest of our meeting it was pure "retro" fun thanks to the C=64 DTV that @tronicsynth had brought, now let the fun begin!

After we had boot up the C=64 DTV, what do we do? Of course what else than play games ;-).  Our first was to load up one of the classical shmup for the C=64, Cybernoid II with a really great music from Jeroen Tel.

Then we had to load up one of the first rogue type of game on the C=64 that I remember to have spent countless hours playing in my youth.  And no this is not Sword of Fargoals but Gateway to Asphai! @madgarden are you reading this? If you are well here is your next project, I want this one!!!

Some people were introduced to platform game with a fat plumber with a mustache, but for us on the C=64 it was a jumping guys that did the trick.  Of course we are talking about another classic :  Jumpman Junior!  Funny thing is that when I was young I saw my dad play that game very late into the night and reach some levels that I never had and probably never will.

And since we had played Gateway to Asphai earlier we also had to play the other classic Sword of Fargoals if not @madgarden would have been sad ;-).

But this couldn't be complete without comparing the original with the new Sword of Fargoal remake on the iPhone done by @madgarden.

And here a little close up on the action since they are a huge size difference between the iPod touch and the TV ;-p (sorry no iPad :-( ).

This conclude our "retro" day for our Quebarium meeting, hope you enjoy this trip to the old memory lane of the early gaming days of the '80!  We sure did and as they say bring back the '80!!!


  1. I would like to thanks Intruder and TronicSynth for coming to the meeting! :) You don't see me playing as I was busy cooking spaghetti for our lunch!

  2. Finally got to see this, makes me happy!