Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quebarium @ demoscene meet up

On Friday the 20th of August 2010 me (@frederictessier aka Intruder) and @fcycles (left 2nd) we decided to participate in a little demoscene meet up organize by Val Grimm aka Metoikos (right/front) the organizer of the @party demo party.  It was great to finally other local demoscener from around Montréal, it has been a long time (from what I remember the last time we meet with demoscener was at the Coma3 demo party in the early 2000).  They were also Alex from FouLab (hackerspace) which we had also interesting discussion as Val Grimm was interesting in bringing together people that like to thinker wither either hardware/software.  And I think its a great ideas as hackerspace like FouLab normally cather more for hardware geek, but they can be an interesting synergy with software geek like us in the demoscene.

Ohhh I am talking about demoscene, demoscener, demos, but I forgot to give a brief introduction of what it is for the uninitiate ;-).  Lets find out what it is!
Demoscene is the name that was given to a sub culture of computer hacker / software geek that were interested in making demos.  And demos an abbreviation for demonstration which is are non interactive multimedia presentation (usually involving some graphics + audio) and all done in real time and sometimes pushing the hardware to its limits and/or making some find some trick that the hardware might not have been designed to do originally.  The only sad part about its origins was that it was link with piracy as it have evolved from the intro aka as cracktro, that pirate group in the 8bit era were putting in front of game they were releasing.  Eventually demoscene took off in a big way with the arrival of more powerfull hardware such as the Amiga and other 16/32 bit machine in the early '90 and big demo party such as Assembly, The Party, The Gathering, etc...

Demos as mentioned earlier is a none interactive audio visual presentation that can be done on any platforms that the developer decide to choose, as any platform that can make some bleep/bloop can be used ;-).  Of course iOS devices are not immune to this as a few production has been release for it, though diffusing is currently problems due to the AppStore policy :-(, as its none interactive and any apps on the AppStore need to provide some kind of functionality.  It will be interesting if one day Apple would be a bit more open on that matters as I am sure it could be an interesting platform where demos could flourish and have people enjoy some work of arts.

I found a few demos made on iOS that I would like to share and give you an ideas of what it look like.

Interested on how those 2 demos were made, well you're in luck as DMA have released the full source of them on (the place to get everything that get released on the demoscene), you can get Delta from here and (45+)tro here.

Its my hope to see more and more developers getting involved in the demoscene and find a way to spread/share iOS demos so that everyone can enjoy them.  If you have ideas/suggestions please feel free to send them.  Also I am running a quick poll (see the right side bar) to see how many iDev know about the demoscene and are involved or would like to get involved.

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