Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disconnected World

For people who haven't notice or who've been living under a rock like me (see picture above ;-), ohhh and I was wearing the Monkeys In Space t-shirt thanks to @owengoss), well I have been traveling to the Gaspésie region which is in the south-east of the Québec province (this accumulated to about 2250km that we drove between August 21th and 28th).  Hence my disappearance from online, yes I was in a disconnected world for a whole week and the reasons I decided to dedicate this blog post about this particular topic.

Yes its not everywhere that people live in an always connected world either due to geographical location (far away place where high speed internet connection, cell phone service are thing from the future) or people choice that decided to be more close to the natural world then the digital world.  But after my week long road trip I can easily understand why its sometime good to be able to disconnect from the digital world especially to enjoy such view as these :

A view from the top of the hill that we could saw in the early morning (high tide at that time) not far from our "chalet" (cottage house) we rent for 1 night in Petite-Vallée.

Taking some wild sinuous forest road (only 4 km long, but what a ride) to find a peaceful place with a spectacular view of the sea (we were lucky to also see a humpback whale from that view point).

Or seeing the sunset over the Rocher Percé is also a magnificent view to behold (I paid a little extra, but we had our motel room so we can see this nice view while having dinner).

At the beginning of this trip I was thinking ill try to re-connect with the digital world either by using my cell phone or getting some wi-fi signal somewhere.  For this I had brought my cell phone and my iPod touch.  Of course getting wi-fi connection was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, so no luck there, the only place I could finally get it was when I was in the motel in Percé (the hotel clerk ask me if I had a laptop and needed wi-fi and gave me the password which was "bonnenuit", but after seeing the Rocher Percé view I decided I prefer to enjoy that view instead).  You though maybe I would have more luck with the cell phone right?  Well I soon find out that my cell phone even though I always had good coverage in big urban area around where I live, I was getting the "No Network Coverage" everywhere I went.  So basically my cell phone only useful use was to give me the time and set alarm so I could get up early in the morning to enjoy the views.

As you can see this was a total disconnection from the digital world and in my trip preparation I knew this might happen, so I had prepared for the worst by bringing some iPhone related books, even my note book with pencil so I could write down some stuff for my projects.  Well even this analog world link to the digital world was not even used once!  The books, note book and pencil have stayed in their bag and were just drag around.

How do I feel after a week of not have been connected?  Well can I say I feel very good about having been able to fully enjoy being in the nature, smell the sea water, collecting shells, rocks, etc... and of course enjoying those views!  I know most of us being developer we tend to be computer geek and spend long hours stick in front of our monitor to work on our projects.  But you know they are a wonderful world out there that is just waiting for you to be discovered, I would highly recommend to any of you to take a break from your regular computer activity to at least a week-end and be totally disconnected, but even better if you can do an entire week like I just did.

And hopefully once you come back you will have a new energy and also maybe put your project in another perspective after what you saw in the wild.  Who knows this could be even become the seed for a new original project and become an interesting game.

On this I wish you all a good week and try to enjoy a bit the disconnected world and for this ill finish this post with the magical formula (the retro style way)...


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  1. I used to work at sea and would often spend up to 8 weeks without any connection to the outside world. That could be pretty crazy at times! I did however keep myself occupied with projects, its amazing how creative you can get without access to online documentation :)