Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disconnected World

For people who haven't notice or who've been living under a rock like me (see picture above ;-), ohhh and I was wearing the Monkeys In Space t-shirt thanks to @owengoss), well I have been traveling to the Gaspésie region which is in the south-east of the Québec province (this accumulated to about 2250km that we drove between August 21th and 28th).  Hence my disappearance from online, yes I was in a disconnected world for a whole week and the reasons I decided to dedicate this blog post about this particular topic.

Yes its not everywhere that people live in an always connected world either due to geographical location (far away place where high speed internet connection, cell phone service are thing from the future) or people choice that decided to be more close to the natural world then the digital world.  But after my week long road trip I can easily understand why its sometime good to be able to disconnect from the digital world especially to enjoy such view as these :

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quebarium @ demoscene meet up

On Friday the 20th of August 2010 me (@frederictessier aka Intruder) and @fcycles (left 2nd) we decided to participate in a little demoscene meet up organize by Val Grimm aka Metoikos (right/front) the organizer of the @party demo party.  It was great to finally other local demoscener from around Montréal, it has been a long time (from what I remember the last time we meet with demoscener was at the Coma3 demo party in the early 2000).  They were also Alex from FouLab (hackerspace) which we had also interesting discussion as Val Grimm was interesting in bringing together people that like to thinker wither either hardware/software.  And I think its a great ideas as hackerspace like FouLab normally cather more for hardware geek, but they can be an interesting synergy with software geek like us in the demoscene.

Ohhh I am talking about demoscene, demoscener, demos, but I forgot to give a brief introduction of what it is for the uninitiate ;-).  Lets find out what it is!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Indie BookShelf

Last month @GeorgeSealy posted on his blog an interesting article (The Game Developer’s Bookshelf) about which book is on his bookshelf and I though I should also share mine. I wouldn't go thru all my bookshelf as its going to take ages and they are not all relevant to the iOS development (Hmm I wonder if I could put those X11 or Amiga books to any good use for iOS ;-p).

For a little brief history of that bookshelf, it started its life while I was still living with my parent in the early '90 and I was still in college studying computer science.  Since I started to bought several books either about computer or manga (this is another bookshelf all together) my parent decided to give 2 bookshelf as a birthday present.

The first book that went in that shelf were about the Amiga, 680x0 machine language.  Then some PowerPC books came along once I started development on the BeBox/BeOS with books also for that platform specifically and some C++.  Once it was defunct I went to look for PC development books about graphics, OpenGL and so on.  At some point Linux & Open Source became hot so also had to learn about it too ;-).

Of course the latest addition to that bookshelf are books about iOS development.  So now let find out what are my recommendation for starting a smaller bookshelf (maybe books that can fit on your coffee table or nightstand).

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Game Design Document [part II]

Last week I've presented in this blog the first part of this article that talk about Game Design Document, in this week post ill cover the remaining section of the template that I didn't cover.  This series of articles is part of our vision to improve our Development Cycle by adopting a Rapid Prototyping approach.

So far we already cover the Introduction and Game Mechanics which have give the explanation of the game at its core.  Now the remaining sections which are Story, Visual Style & Audio Style will set the foundation on how the game will be presented to the player.  Those sections will be very important for the artist in your team (or the one you gonna hire) that will do the arts/music/sounds.  Now will be the time to let your imagination run wild ;-) and this is what we are going to see in the following steps by using TinySpaceThing as my example (the explanation/comment will be in normal text while the rest of the example text in italic).

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quebarium Meeting - Retro Day!

Today we had another meeting with the Quebarium crew with the usual suspect (@tronicsynth (left),   @frederictessier (right) @fcycles (back)).  It seems we really had a "retro" theme this time, as I decided to wear my C= Amiga t-shirt and @tronicsynth had brought his C=64 DTV. It seems we were all sets to spend our entire day with "retro" thing, well we almost did ;-p.

But before we tackle with this "retro" fun stuff we needed to pass through the many topics that we had in our agenda today.  Our first topics was a little wrap up of what have happen in our world recently (projects, web site, etc...).  The biggest news was that we had pledge for the @party: Keep the demoscene spirit alive in North America! and that it was a success (with the increase of our pledge the project was going to be fully funded).  Since we're all demo scene followers we though it will be a great opportunity to support what we love and that we might even have the chance to go (the event will be held in Boston in June 2011 which isn't too far from Montréal).  Even though it still a year away we had some quite long discussion about what kind of demo we could do.