Saturday, July 10, 2010

Québarium @ Streaming Colour Studios HQ

I was planning for another type of blog post for today #iDevBlogADay (more tips oriented), but since yesterday afternoon another event came up and I couldn't pass the opportunity to talk about it ;-).

It all started about 2 weeks ago, when my wife and I decided to come visit the in-laws here in Mississauga (Ontario). It was at first to be only a family trip, but then realised I could try to see if I could meet up some other iDeveloper in Ontario (I know they are many of you working on a lot of great apps over there).  I first ask around generally on Twitter if they were any iPhone dev meet up around the week-end but it seems they weren't.  So I then decided to contact @owengoss of Streaming Colour Studios if he would like to meet up and he answered positively ;-).

Then on Friday the 9th of July 2010 i've set off early in the afternoon with my wife toward the direction of Guelph (Ontario) which was about an 1h drive from where we were staying at the in-laws.  The trip went quite well and the map/indication provided by @owengoss were accurate so we didn't get lost ;-).  But I got another surprise once arrived there, another iDeveloper was going to join us... the elusive @madgarden who arrived shortly after we had arrived.  Of course we had to take a photo of the the 3 of us together for prosperity inside Streaming Colour Studios main office, me being on the left, @owengoss in the middle and @madgarden on the right side.

And for people who still wouldn't know those 2 other great indie developer (shame on you, you really should).  @madgarden is the creator of a cool retro arcade game called Saucelifter! and the developer of the awesome remake of the classic Sword of Fargoal.  As for @owengoss he is the creator of the great colour mixing puzzle called Dapple, the creator of the cute/fun action game called Monkeys In Space and his latest creation the challenging and addictive puzzle game called LandFormer.

Had a great afternoon talking about different topics of iDevelopment or other gaming/computing thing (we found out we all had C=64 as early computing experience ;-)).  And had a chance to taste some real homebew beer from @owengoss that was quite good. Ohhh and we eated a delicious chocolate cake made by  @owengoss wife (who said the cake is a lie?) ;-).  Also @madgarden did a little demo of his new tutorial for Saucelifter! running on his iPad while @owengoss shown us his work in progress for his new city theme for LandFormer that he mentioned in his blog earlier this week (Sneak Peek: City Theme Sketch).  But we we were also treated to another sneak peek of his new secret plan, here you can see him with his big evil smile while showing us his master plan for world domination one iDevice at a time...

Ahaha was just teasing you those were the documents/sketches for LandFormer, but they might have truth to it as it has been on the top of the charts for more than a week... ;-p.

And as it would seem to be the tradition for many other iDevelopers here is the picture of  @owengoss LOLCat ;-)


Looking forward to meet both of them again in the future as it was a great pleasure to meet them.  But that next time Ill have my own shipped game on the AppStore to show them ;-p. And don't forget to go encourage those 2 great indie developer as I would like them to continue to do what they love.

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