Thursday, July 1, 2010

LandFormer Level Pack #1 Available

Happy Canada day and LandFormer day!!!

To celebrate the holiday here in Canada and also the released of LandFormer from Streaming Colour Studios we decided to release our first Level Pack for it.

We had so much fun during the beta test that we had created a large collections of levels (it was suppose to test the game, not just for playing... honnest ;-p).  We hope you can enjoy the game as much as we did,  beware it can be challenging at time, but the worst is that its fun & addictive ;-).

You can get our Level Pack #1 which is based on a lake thematic in our Games section.

Remember you can also get the premium level pack + disco theme inside LandFormer.

1 comment:

  1. LandFormer has a very nice and shiny graphic look! I think that surely captivate users to go and get it. I play a similar type of game before but turn out that after 64 levels there was no more. I am glad to see that LandFormer offer an unlimited number of level!