Saturday, July 31, 2010

Game Design Document [part I]

2 weeks ago I've presented in this blog our vision of where want to go with our Development Cycle by adopting a Rapid Prototyping approach.  And some of the very important sub-phases were about the game ideas and describing the game, but how should we document those important steps?  This is what id like to tackle in this week blog post and present an interesting solution that can provide a well done Game Design Document quickly.

As shown above this is how my Game Design  Document look like for TinySpaceThing (left) and iQBR1 (right).  This is also probably how most of us are doing them by filling a notebook/notepad, pieces of papers with scribble/sketch and other indecipherable writing (well that only maybe me us understand).   It was during the early days of iQBR1 last years that I found that I needed a more clear/clean way to document all my ideas/design as it was becoming more complex.  So now let see how a Game Design Document could look like and learn how to do one yourself.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Indie Software Toolbox

For people that have been following me on twitter you know I have been involved in several renovation projects in my house this past few months.  During that time I often went to pick up tools from my toolbox (picture above), either to get the measure tape, the hammer, a Phillips screw driver, etc... so I can get the job done.

As an indie developer you will have to do the same once you start building your game/apps, so you will need a software toolbox that contains a few tools to help you accomplish this.  But also as being indie you might be running on a shoe string budget (I know we are here at Quebarium), so I've tried to find some good alternative that can help us get the job done without having to break our little piggy bank.

Let see what that Indie Software Toolbox could contain (those are my recommendation, feel free to give your suggestions in the comment section).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

R&D Optimization : Development Cycle & Rapid Prototyping

Today we had a very productive meeting with the Quebarium crew which consist of myself (@frederictessier), @fcycles and @tronicsynth.  And one of the main topic of our talking was about ways to optimize our R&D to develop more quickly and get something completed.  The main presentation we had and which ill be discussing in further detail below was about to rethink about our Development Cycle and do it via a Rapid Prototyping philosophy.

Why did we had to rethink our Development Cycle? Well as @fcycles so elegantly described in his slide : FRUSTRATION

Oh, you got scared by those French words, don't worry ill be translating our slides that explain our world domination plans which start first with...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Québarium @ Streaming Colour Studios HQ

I was planning for another type of blog post for today #iDevBlogADay (more tips oriented), but since yesterday afternoon another event came up and I couldn't pass the opportunity to talk about it ;-).

It all started about 2 weeks ago, when my wife and I decided to come visit the in-laws here in Mississauga (Ontario). It was at first to be only a family trip, but then realised I could try to see if I could meet up some other iDeveloper in Ontario (I know they are many of you working on a lot of great apps over there).  I first ask around generally on Twitter if they were any iPhone dev meet up around the week-end but it seems they weren't.  So I then decided to contact @owengoss of Streaming Colour Studios if he would like to meet up and he answered positively ;-).

Then on Friday the 9th of July 2010 i've set off early in the afternoon with my wife toward the direction of Guelph (Ontario) which was about an 1h drive from where we were staying at the in-laws.  The trip went quite well and the map/indication provided by @owengoss were accurate so we didn't get lost ;-).  But I got another surprise once arrived there, another iDeveloper was going to join us... the elusive @madgarden who arrived shortly after we had arrived.  Of course we had to take a photo of the the 3 of us together for prosperity inside Streaming Colour Studios main office, me being on the left, @owengoss in the middle and @madgarden on the right side.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

[toLiveInThePAST:yes] || [toLiveOnTheEDGE:yes]

Originally this post was meant to be a discussion about should we still support iDevices running iOS 2.x or leave them in the cold and move to newer pasture such as iOS 3.x and beyond.  The original title was even supposed to be : "To 2.x or not to 2.x", but then something happened on June 29, 2010, "a date which will live in infamy" as iPhone developers around the world were told the following : "In addition, the App Store will no longer support applications that target iOS 2.x.".


But this doesn't come as a big surprise to most iPhone Developers as the writing was on the wall for a long time, first with each newer SDK part of the 2.x era was being removed (2.x iPhone simulator, 2.x earlier target, etc...).  And each time Apple was requiring developers to use the latest SDK to submit an apps to the AppStore via iTunes Connect.  Now the latest guidelines is asking us to use the official SDK 4 with the addition of not targetting 2.x based iDevices.

If it wasn't of this announcement I would have probably continue to support 2.x... really???  Well almost, but then again a few weeks ago another big announcement from Apple during the presentation of the iPhone 4 catch my eyes...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

LandFormer Level Pack #1 Available

Happy Canada day and LandFormer day!!!

To celebrate the holiday here in Canada and also the released of LandFormer from Streaming Colour Studios we decided to release our first Level Pack for it.

We had so much fun during the beta test that we had created a large collections of levels (it was suppose to test the game, not just for playing... honnest ;-p).  We hope you can enjoy the game as much as we did,  beware it can be challenging at time, but the worst is that its fun & addictive ;-).

You can get our Level Pack #1 which is based on a lake thematic in our Games section.

Remember you can also get the premium level pack + disco theme inside LandFormer.