Saturday, June 26, 2010

The beginning of the awakening!

Several decades ago, a few adventurers have went to explore the deep cave of the computing/gaming world, since then not much has been heard from them.  Rumors started to grew about their where about and if they where still alive and what they have been working on.

But thing have started to change recently, people have start to hear noise coming from the cave, flashes of light could be seen in some nights.  The legends & myths surrounding the Québarium crew and their coming back just grew bigger!

And here come the sorcerers Miguel & Christopher better well known in the Tweet Universe as @mysterycoconutchrismwaite at the entrance of the cave doing magical incantation about iDevBlogADay.  There it began to set things in motion... noise coming deep from within the cave grew louder and the flashes of light started to become more intense!  They could also start to hear a distinctive voice that was saying "Saturday Night... Saturday Night... Saturday Night...".

The awakening of Québarium will continue on each Saturday Night from now on, beware!

In the meantime how about introducing the adventurers of Québarium which consist of the following humans :

Name: Intruder_qc
SID: 6510-0318

Primary Speciality: iPhone/iPod touch development
Secondary Speciality: Xbox360/XNA development

Current Mission: iQBR1

Bio : Have been interested in the computer field since the early '80 when he was first introduced to the world of computer with the C=64. 

Have also always been interested in multimedia done on computers which have led him to get an Amiga in 1990 and start to develop multimedia demos on it, then move on to the Bebox/BeOS in 1996
and started the development of multimedia applications.

He's always on the look out for new bleeding edge technology to do multimedia development on it (either for doing technical demos, applications or games).

Name : F-Cycles
SID: 6510-0319

Primary Speciality: Xbox360/XNA development
Secondary Speciality: -

Current Mission: QBR-XB1

Bio: Captivate by science and arts. Computer has been the most
interesting tool to combine both aspects. First started LOGO on PC
at primary school until I got my first computer: C=128.

Have more interests to make things rather than play.
Use to work on any new platform or language. I have some decent skills
in graphics and music.

I am though judge for myself and my team. I believe we can always
do better than what the best has been able to achieve!

Name : TronicSynth
SID: 6581-D418

Primary Speciality: Music composer
Secondary Speciality: Sound effect creator

Current Mission: iQBR1 and QBR-XB1

Bio: Fascinating in music and electronic his first computer
was a Coleco Adam. After few years trying to create music
in SmartBASIC he decide to sell it and buy a C=128.
One day he saw a sound digitizer schematic and he did it.

Have always been interested in music and art which is
present in video games and demos.

He is a video game console collector and he appreciate
to see the sound and visual of a game/demo presentation.

You can also watch this introduction video that present an overview of who they are and some of the projects they did or still working on.

Stay tuned for another blog post quite soon about our first public appearance at the ADAMcon #22 that was held on June 18-20, 2010 in Laval (Québec).

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