Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Way Of The Freemium

 Hello everyone, I am finally back after a little break, I miss one of my earlier Saturday post so was suppose to be back on the waiting list... but then something happen.  Yup @mysterycoconut revamp the whole iDevBlogADay (btw many thanks to Miguel for the great efforts he spend on this and to have continue this wonderful project) so that it follow more the AltDevBlogADay style of publishing, and the rules got a bit more relax.  Which came as a  blessing, so if the day we're suppose to publish we weren't able to do so, they wont be dire consequence as before.  But then you feel less pressure to publish on time... which I am guilty of, as I miss my first time with the new schedule oops ;-).

But fret not, today I didn't forgot and will have my blog post up before the end of the day and it's about a topic that have been on the back of my mind for a while and will definitely have impact on my future projects.  Many people have already have talk about it, but would like to give my opinion about it as my experience as a user.  It's of course about the new craze that is the new freemium model.  But what's is freemium?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mix Salad

Another hot day in Quebec... we're in the middle of a serious heatwave over here, we got over 35C on Thursday with the humidity it was more around like 47C!!! Totally crazy... so to cool us down how about eating a fresh cold mix salad!

 As I am growing my own vegetables in my garden at home, I put different type of lettuce, some roman, curly, boston and iceberg.  Once you have your lettuce ready, you put them in a large bowl and add some olive oil, white vinegar, salt, pepper and Italian seasonings.  I don't have a specific measurement as I put the olive oil + white vinegar until it just taste right ;-).

But why all those talk about mix salad? Isn't this blog about iOS devs in general? Yes, yes it's, but though this could be a good introduction to my varied topics of this week which remind me of a mix salad ;-).   And no I wasn't going to talk about the other type of Salad of the Game variety ;-)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Object Oriented Design And Game Development

In this week blog I will tackle a more programming/design topics which have been in the back of my head and that I wanted to share with the rest of you.  Especially as it involve the actual design in code of Mythlound (yes my elusive game ;-p) in a kind of Object Oriented way, well this is how I see it ;-).  But how does Object Oriented Design get mix up in Game Development?  Well if you think about it, in a game they are several thing that you interact with, it could be your own character/player, the enemies, background, projectiles, etc...  As seen in the following diagram for a maze game, several object has been defined that regroup thing that are related together.

So how did I came up with the design of the different objects required in Mythlound?  Let's find out!